Robert Pattinson Road Trips Across America, On His Way To Visit Kristen Stewart?

Robert Pattinson is currently driving through the Southern states - New Mexico and Texas so far - and fans are hypothesizing that he’s on his way to visit girlfriend Kristen Stewart in New Orleans, where she’s currently shooting On The Road. He’s been spotted with a full-on Santa beard sipping beers and ordering wine at restaurants with pal Tom Sturridge(and maybe Sam Bradley) in tow, and has graciously posed for photos with fans, even though he’s clearly attempting one of America’s timeless traditions incognito.
Said one woman who spotted Pattinson in Santa Fe, “He paid with a card in his name. He had the whole beard and hat thing to try to not stand out,” and “…he’s very polite, quiet, un-douchey and knows his wine…And I guess he’s on a road trip with some buddies.”


So,  roadtripping Rob. We hope you enjoy all the wondrous things America has to offer, especially your girlfriend. 

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