Jennifer Lawrence is daydreaming about Robert Pattinson

It’s lunchtime and Jennifer Lawrence is curled up on a sofa in the Point Hotel, Edinburgh. In town to promote her new film, Winter’s Bone, which has just received its British premiere at the film festival, she’s a little sleepy after a morning of interviews. Until, that is, she finds out I write for The Herald. “Is that in Harry Potter?” she asks. “If it’s not, it should be.” Like most her age – she turned 20 last month – she’s read all the JK Rowling books. Twice. “I’m a sucker for all those things. If I know something about the UK, it’s because of Harry Potter,” she says. “And then I got hit by the Twilight train. I think it’s a female thing. There’s some sort of chemical in there.”

In truth it’s a Robert Pattinson thing, the actor who played Cedric Diggory in the fourth Potter film before fronting Twilight.“I was immune to him until I saw Remember Me,” she says. “Now I’m daydreaming about him.” Aside from R-Patz, Lawrence loves YouTube and reality television shows such as Real Housewives Of New Jersey. “I was watching Wife Swap and Supernanny this morning,” she says, excitedly. “I’ve been watching Super-nanny since I was 14, which is stupid because it’s for parents, but it makes me want to have kids to prove how good a mother I am.”

Feet firmly on the ground, she’s also in denial when it comes to the question of impending stardom. “I don’t really lie in bed thinking, ‘One day I’ll become a superstar,’” she says. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But I don’t think that’s my career path. Mine will be more of a slower build. I think it would be surreal if it was like Robert Pattinson – all of a sudden you wake up and people are screaming. But I’ve been working for a while, so when you start to become successful, it’s not like all of a sudden going, ‘What’s going on? Why does this person recognise me?’ It is a weird industry anyway – so I fit in perfectly.”

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