Now with translation: Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolitain France (October 2010)


Trans la tion from Rob Pat tin son Moms
Robert Pat tin son, 24 years old, alias Rob Pattz his sur name, given by mil ions of fans, makes pleas antly amer i can big main stream pro duc tions, but he is eng lish ‚not amer i can. And car ries with him a sort of british mithol ogy that he surely embod ies. He is surely an inal ter able gen tle man when he offers his jacket to an amer i can trem bling jour nal ist. And he has also an ele gant way of hid ing him self and not brag ging, and staight faced he says (mak ing an impres sion to the lis tener) ” my hair rep re sents the 75% of my per for mance on screen”, to explain his per sonal suc cess in the role of Edward Cullen, the teen vam pire from Stephe nie Meyer’s Saga.
His British blood also is vis i ble in his roman tic fea tures and body, per fect made for a re-adaptation of Wuther ing Heights, or a movie adap ta tion of Jane Austen’s nov els. Big “girlie” eyes, sur rounded by big but well designed eye brows, red lips, long limbed body, he was aware and bet on that androg y nous appare ance: “I begun as a model at six years. While I was grow ing and I resem bled to a girl, he tells, I’ve worked a lot, because every one wanted boys that looked like girls, but when I grow up and I became more mas cu line I’ve lost all my works, and nobody called me anymore”
When he was a child, he was envied by his older sis ters for his beau ti ful curls and his “bambi”’s eyes. “until I became twelve, they dress me like a girl and they intro duce me as “Clau dia””. A sort of trau matic expe ri ence, but it did not change his tipi cally british phlegm. ”at twelve I went to a nor mal board ing school, I dis cov ered hair gel and I became cool” And he is still cool.
Cin ema enters his life
Less you can say about him is that he is not mega lo ma niac. He became an actor mak ing a tv series Nibelungs’ Ring and he really knew nearly noth ing about act ing. Her mother her self, a model agency direc tor, did not believe in his future as an actor and told him to find other ways. And the beau ti ful Rob him self exceeds in depre ci ate him self, laugh at him self and cool humor : “when I was younger, I’ve been beaten a few times, but I was an idiot too, even if I think that that assoults to me were injus ti fied, bea cuse I started an actor career and I started also to behave the way I thought an actor had to behave, So this atti tude was mis taken for a provo ca tion, and so many peo ple ended to have an invin ci ble desire to hit me”
Did He suf fered his blood to have Edward Cullen role?
No, Pat tin son was on his way and made a lit tle step in this direc tion by play ing a short role in Harry Pot ter, that made him known to the gen eral audi ence. Even after he made the first Twi light movie he was not con vinced about his tal ent and he left the the ather dur ing the Twi ilight Pre miere, because he didn’t want to see him self on screen.
As preved i ble, “Twi light became a worl wide phe nom e non, and Rob became the ideal prey for paparazzi and young girls, exited by his scruffy hair and his mar ble fig ure. But, even in that occa sion, Mis ter Pat tin son stayed cool, and used his humor to face off that sit u a tion: “I went to an auto graph ses sion in a con ven tion, it has been one of the most inter est ing expe ri ence at all. It was so bizarre see ing so many peo ple pay ing for an autograph,I will always say that I felt I had to do more for them, a lit tle dance or some thing else” Any way Rob, is always a lit tle scared about the crowd, but he will come to tems with
He vam p i rize the screen
Even if he seems not to put him self really in things, Rob has a charisma like few impor tant peo ple. In Remem ber Me, a roman tic drama, made between two twi light episodes, you can see only him, Rob, smok ing cig a rettes, one after the other, tor mented by the thought of his brother Michael sui cide. Rob desta bi lized by his father atti tude, a busi ness man that neglets his fam ily, Rob’s over flow ing ten der ness for his sis ter, a tal ented girl, ded i cated to paint ing. In brief, If we had the “skirt day”, now Remem ber Me is the “Rob’s Day” Tyler Hawkins, the movie’s hero is a young and angry guy”, he explains,serious for a while. “when I was nine teen, I had a short period of rage, like I was con fused”. Angry Like Jack Nichol son, his idol?
What we surely know is that Rob Pattz has the gift of ipno tize crowds, on screen and in the real life. Fans fol low the adven tures of the ipotet i cal cou ple that he made in the real life with his twi light co star, Kris ten Stew art, but nei ther he or she con fermed their rela tion ship. He always says he is a bach e lor. He says often that 99% of what tabloids say about him is false. So fans wait,and fol low ing his true love story, it seems that he is liv ing his story with them too.
Peo ple like us, that see in this young actor, rock and roll style, sexy and dif fer ent from any other actor, the true new blood of Hollywood

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