Kellan Lutz: "It's the End of the Series, but Not the final Chapter"

PhotobucketThe actor Kellan Lutz visited the Festival of Sitges to present a DVD edition of The Twilight Saga which goes on sale on 4 December. Antena 3 was the actor who plays the vampire Emmett Cullen, who answered all the questions fans of ‘Twilight’ ye sent through our website.
Christian asksHow does it feel to know you are going to roll the end of the saga?
Kellan Lutz“I have not really thought about this a lot but I’m very glad I did, I think what’s really important is the support we get from the fans, because from the books could have made these films, but not have been done if not for the support we have had and the success we’ve had. Also if you think about is that after making a film have to spend two years until it comes out is the whole issue of the press, there many things in between.’s say it’s the end of the saga, but not the final chapter. “
Maria asks: How long does it take to maquillaros about to be characterized as vampires?
Kellan Lutz: “I really do not know now you ask me but for example Nikki Reed as his skin is much darker it takes longer to put the white makeup. The worst thing for me is when I have to put the lenses, because they have call a technician and pasted a lot of time, the truth is quite uncomfortable. “

Noelia question: What do you think the film parody about Twilight?
Kellan Lutz: “To tell you the truth I love, is a very easy and very smart to reflect the subject of werewolves. My sister and not just what my mother tells her what she reads and what she does what she reads and is very important that this happens. 

Noel’s question, Kellan, I think it was more aimed aa if you’ve seen ‘Vampire Suck’ (‘Híncame the tooth’ in Spain), the film parodies the Twilight saga.
Kellan Lutz: “Ah, no, I have not seen.”

Nuria question: What is your best and your worst fault?
Kellan Lutz: Well I can tell you, I love life, live to love I think that may be the best and the worst that sometimes I have too much energy”

Ana Pilar question: How does it feel when you see a lot of people screaming your name?
Kellan Lutz: “It’s unbelievable, it is also something very special, especially him, to be with people who appreciate what you do and have fans all around. Also I love to travel, to come here, to go beyond and see that there are really feeling this. Really if you think you are part of the fans and they are also there for you. It is true that the first film that was heard shouting Emmett, Emmett, and now hear Kellan, Kellan. It’s great “.

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